Why you need paid social ads in your social media strategy

We’ve discussed how social media is a noisy place, which is where social media ads come in. When you start running social media advertising campaigns, you cut through the clutter and get in front of your target audience – whether they are potential clients, customers, or avid readers of your content. You can appear right at the end of their index finger as they look at their phone using social media ads.

Because the first stage of any sale is awareness, you should naturally advertise in places where your target audiences are looking. Only in the last decade or so have we had the ability to advertise on a medium that is always in someone’s hand or pocket, but many businesses are still failing to capitalize on this.

Our social media team at CALLING ADVERTISING has experience promoting a wide range of different companies and sectors in fun and exciting ways. This is due to the numerous advertising campaign and audience targeting options available to us, as well as the talent of our team.

Selecting a Paid Social Media Platform

Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the three most popular social media advertising platforms. Our expert social media team is well-versed in all three and works with all of our clients to determine the best platform for them. It all comes down to the target audience and the business goal. For a complex cross-platform social media marketing campaign, all three are sometimes recommended. LinkedIn is a more professional platform, so if you’re looking to target lawyers, accountants, directors, and other professionals, this may be the best social media channel to use. If you want to target millennials with a visually appealing product, Instagram might be the best place to start. We consider every factor to ensure that we select the best social media platform for your company’s success.

Stay focused on results

We don’t just launch campaigns and hope for the best. We monitor, double check, amend, optimise and do it all over again. Social media ad performance can change drastically on a daily basis, so it is vital that our social team are up to date with the campaigns at all times.

Target your campaigns

For all initiatives, it is up to our social media team’s social media knowledge to carefully target your target demographic and decide on the platform. Facebook’s, Instagram’s, and LinkedIn’s excellent targeting features allow us to focus in on a very specific audience. Advertising on social media necessitates a lot of information, and that’s why big data is so important. Optimized social media ads may really make use of all the data you have and turn it into successful marketing campaigns.

Clear, data-driven reporting

Whilst we are maintaining continuous communication with our clients, at the end of every month we will send a full breakdown of the month’s paid social results. This will pull in from a variety of sources, including Google Analytics, on platform analytics – e.g. Facebook analytics, and website analytics. We then interpret this data, giving you the key facts about your campaigns. With our return focused approach, ROI is at the forefront of every social media report, allowing you to see the efficacy of your campaigns in terms of your business goals. Our in depth reporting method is key to developing our ongoing strategies and optimising paid social media campaigns.

Get creative with your ad designs

In order to be effective, social media ads must accomplish three things: inform, entice, and grab attention. Your campaigns won’t do well if your ad falls short in any of these three areas. Without a distinctive creative element, even the most laser-focused efforts would fall flat. When you create a social media campaign, the platform judges you on both targeting and creativity. This is why our social media team works hard to make sure every ad has a high level of engagement.

Certain types of creative people excel at social media advertising. For example, Facebook likes vertical videos with subtitles (if needed) that are under 15 seconds long rather than landscape-style interview videos that rely on sound. Videos on LinkedIn ads perform great, however they must be subtitled if sound is required to obtain the entire experience. Instagram stories need videos that are a specified size to fit properly, and anything shorter than 9:16 will be a flop. A carousel or visually appealing visuals are a better alternative if your business does not lend itself to video. However, new features, like the LinkedIn PDF carousel, are always being developed and growing more popular. Our social and design teams can collaborate with you to build stunning designs even if you do not have ready-to-use content.

When it comes to paid social ads, being succinct and to the point is critical, as is using as little language as possible. This simple, yet effective approach is what enables us to provide our clients with the finest possible service.