CALLING ADVERTISING develops social media strategies that combine your brand’s identity and target audience with market insight and trending topics. Your posts will spark conversation, community growth, and everlasting loyalty, regardless of the goal or target we’re aiming for.
We are more than just social media managers; we are social media consultants. This means that we are involved in everything from account setup and maintenance to building and bolstering your brand identity through campaigns that will turn your audience into ambassadors. We don’t just post a bunch of stuff and hope one of them sticks – each post is carefully crafted by listening to and understanding your audience. We employ cutting-edge methods and processes to create content that demonstrates to your users that you understand what they want and that your company will go to any length to provide it to them. We’ll create monthly social media schedules that announce company events, market insights, and promotions to your target audience while incorporating your distinct tone of voice (T.O.V.) and brand imagery, which we can help you define and create.
Every post is written with the appropriate social media channel in mind, incorporating appropriate hashtags, emojis, and stories. We’ll communicate with your target audience on a regular basis to ensure campaign effectiveness and to learn what makes them tick.
From mundane but critical tasks to fun and challenging obstacles, our strategies ensure that no box is left unchecked and your brand establishes itself with a solid digital presence on the appropriate social media platforms.


Being a metronomic digital agency entails keeping your finger on the pulse of the most recent social media analytics. Tracking trends through performance and social listening tools is essential for ensuring that nothing in any industry goes unnoticed.

Understanding the performance of your social media content can have a significant impact on how you run your business. Understanding your analytics can help increase engagement by allowing you to see what type of content performs well, allowing you to post more of that type of content. Analytics can also help you learn more about your target audience, identify strengths and weaknesses in your digital strategy, and even quantify how positive or negative the public perceives your company. What analytics can tell you about how your business is performing online will only improve as machine learning and AI software improve.

The bottom line with social media is that it is a game of attention. Your goal should be to capture and hold your market’s attention while convincing them to take action along the way. To accomplish this, you must increase your number of followers and engagement through a high-quality strategy.

Above all, your social media should add value to your market and elicit positive emotions in your audience’s minds and hearts. Whether it’s a helpful step-by-step guide, a promotional offer, or a fun Saturday morning post of your dog, always aim to provide good content that gives your audience what they want.

We can clearly see if your audience is happy with what you are doing on social media or if they are uninterested, and what we can do to improve your strategy by tracking your analytics.


Social media marketing campaigns have the significant advantage of simultaneously appealing to a diverse audience. A social media campaign can simultaneously appeal to the general public, your stakeholders, employees, prospective customers, and others. Marketers can use a variety of tactics and strategies to promote content and get people to engage with it by using social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We can segment audiences because social networks collect a lot of data about their users, such as geographical, demographic, and personal information. This means that we can better tailor messages to what will resonate with different users.

Because internet audiences are more easily segmented than traditional marketing audiences, we can ensure that our clients’ money is being spent on the exact audience they want to target. This means that if you want to build genuine and long-lasting brand awareness, you can’t just publish promotional content. You also don’t want to post too much irrelevant fluff, but you do want to post frequently. It’s a difficult balancing act that our social team has mastered.


Since 2010, social media usage has nearly tripled. Social media now has 2.77 billion users, up from 0.97 billion at the start of the decade. And by 2021, we’re expected to have surpassed 3 billion.

What does this mean for your social media marketing strategy? More users, on the other hand, means more business and competition across all platforms. You’ll need to find a way to stand out from the crowd.

We’ve seen social media marketing become more competitive, and we’ve adapted to meet the challenge. We now have a plethora of tricks in our toolbox to assist clients in standing out and capturing the attention of their target audience. It all comes down to making your content stick to your readers like honey.

Using user-generated content is an excellent way to add authenticity to your social media presence. This not only encourages the coveted word-of-mouth marketing that everyone craves, but it also stops readers in their tracks. They see you as a brand that will build a relationship with and respect their audience the moment they see you engaging, interacting, and listening to them.

Custom-made images and graphics stand out on social media right away. Because so much stock imagery is used, people see something unique as worth noting. Putting in the effort to do this is a small but effective way of attracting attention to your brand on social media.

We have a few more social media gimmicks up our sleeves. If you’d like to learn more about how CALLING ADVERTISING can help your social media stand out and engage your audience, contact us today.

With shares and retweets, the right social media campaign can turn your fans into messengers, spreading the word about your brand. Remember that your followers want to interact with real people, not bots or corporate machines, in order to achieve this. You must be human. People do not want to be sold to all of the time, and social media is an excellent platform for developing relationships with your customers.